A great space encourages great thinking! Most startup founders start off from garages and shared apartments and later move to shared office spaces. Going forward, you may have to move from a garage to a shared office space. And if you have been in a shared office space from the beginning, you may be considering a better way to create a great space you for the few employees of your business. A young company may not need a huge office space, especially if you are running an internet business that does not meet with clients on regular basis.

No matter how small or even big your office space is, you need to create a comfortable office space where employees can feel it’s their second home. Apart from furniture and accessories that make a great design, you need to consider ways you and your colleagues can live comfortably in your second home. At sites like the furniture market where you have access to a wide range of furniture, it’s even more important to make the best choice that will encourage creative work.

Even though a shared office space is a great option for startups, some small businesses settle for shared spaces because traditional spaces are too expensive and sometimes require rigid leases, or that the spaces were crowded and unsuitable for creating a balanced workspace. Too little space and your colleagues will be cramped and uncomfortable. On the other hand, choosing too large an office could land you with a rent bill you simply resent paying as a startup.

First startup employees usually work long hours, hence the need to create a very comfortable space even if it is shared. To have a great space, you do not just need furniture but most importantly, you should plan for the office colours. Office colours can sometimes determine the visual weight in your office and can determine the energy level of your employees. Remember if it’s a shared space you may not have control over the design of the general office but you can change your immediate space.

You may be spending one third of your day in the office if you are part of a new startup. Comfort cannot be compromised in an environment like that. Some startups have created play and rest rooms with great accessories that encourage workers to even take breaks indoors without struggle and most importantly an opportunity to work in a relaxing mood. Creating a space full of energy requires lots of effort and it’s worth it. Showing employees you trust them to balance work and play during business hours can go a long way to deepen commitment to work and the business in general.