There is still a huge need for tools and apps to make matching game easier. Facebook profiles are usually not not preferred option for your future employers to checkout. But your Facebook friends opinion of you can be an important factor in your employer’s decision to hire you. A new app seeking the views of your closest friends might just cling you a job. By asking friends who really know you really well what your strengths are, you can identify and then match your soft skills with potential employees.

Your LinkedIn profile, together with recommendations from other professionals and ratings from ViewsOnYou can make a good impression about you when applying for jobs. The app can particularly be of help to new graduates who may not have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and do not have a track record to prove what they are capable of when approaching potential employers.

is your professional 360 profile that matches your character with the culture of your teams, role models, and companies you are interested in. Get reviewed by your peers to build an accurate picture of your soft skills – how you work, think and interact. The app enables you to crowdsource your Facebook friends, asking them to rate your abstract personality traits.

The idea is you find out what your top traits are, and whether you are a better match with Google or Facebook, HSBC or Goldman Sachs, KPMG or McKinsey.