Music Piracy is a huge concern for music producers, artistes, music distributors etc,. Legitimate music downloads still aren’t growing quickly enough.  Confidential data published on torrentfreak reveals that 65% of all music files are “unpaid” but the vast majority of these are obtained through offline swapping. Spinlet seeks to legalize music distribution in Africa with a service that offers distribution and sales of the highest quality digital music to all African countries.

Spinlet’s technology encourages the purchasing and discovery of new music while offering storage of the users’ music library on their mobile device. The Spinlet service debuted within Africa this February with over 200 thousand tracks making it the largest platform for music discovery throughout Africa.

The Spinlet app  is supported on  Android, BlackBerry and Symbian 3 and is available for free download via the Android Market, Blackberry Store, and Symbian Platform. Subscribers can  download any song of their choice by simply downloading the free Spinlet app to their smart phones. Once a song is selected for download, a fee (referred to as Spinlet credit) is deducted from the mobile device and the song is downloaded instantly.

Users can remotely store, manage and listen to music from anywhere using their mobile device. Spinlet promotes social sharing with an interface that allows users to create accounts, make playlists and share their favorite titles using social-networking sites, such as Facebook with their friends.

The company has succeed in signing  digital distribution agreements in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo and other African Countries. Spinlet wants to help the music industry in Africa gain control of revenue often lost to piracy for local artists and bringing joy of music exploration to African people.

The company was founded in 2006 in Finland and introduced to the Nigerian market on May 23, 2012.

Streemio, a  similar service launched in Ghana this year allows subscribers  to listen to  practically unlimited music – anytime, anywhere instead of downloading the song! The app allows users to Listen to unlimited music on Streemio’s genre-based channels and discover new songs at all times.