There are hundreds of money management apps especially for smartphone users. The best choice for your mobile  personal finance and budgeting depends on simple selection tips. A lot of people still rely on the  traditional method of using a pad and pen. But  the good news is that you can get a  free software for managing your money right on your smartphone or tablet. You can set timely goals, keep track of your monthly spending and generally manage your personal finance in the smartest possible way. Choosing the best mobile money management app among the hundreds out there can be overwhelming.

A lot of companies rely on experts in house or external financial body to manage their finances. Others also require the services of financial professionals to provide finance, debt collection and ledger management services popularly known as factoring.  Factoring is a type of lending where the money you are advanced is borrowed against the value of your invoices.

Personal financial management may not require a financial manager. The most important step in managing your finances is to set achievable, measurable and realistic goals. Most apps have this feature to get you started on managing your expenses. Once you set goals for the day, week, the month or even the year you can successfully track your spending habit. You should be able to set spending limits and manage your cash flow by yourself.  Managing business cash flows  requires more than a simple app.  To prevent problems caused by late paying customers, some businesses prefer invoice finance.

Make a list of the best financial apps you know and compare their features and user experience. All apps have different features and there is something unique about every app. If you have special needs, look out for the top app  to solve your needs and make a decision based on how easy that problem can be solved with the app.

Most businesses have support forums or quick and efficient customer service. Financial apps can be difficult to use especially if it has a lot of features and you have to deal with huge data on daily or monthly basis. Find out how the company solved customer issues in the past before you entrust them with your confidential financial data.

If you intend to purchase a mobile app, you can take an online tour or download a free trial version before you purchase it.  Design is a significant factor in  selecting a suitable app for your finances. A poorly designed app can be frustrating to use. Make sure you will be comfortable using the app. The user experience (ease of use and efficiency of the app) should  not be compromised.

You should look out for financial apps that allow you to import some amount of  data  from your online banks in a secured way possible. Security is always a major concern when dealing with finances. Only import your bank data if you trust and have been convinced that the app is secured and your data is protected.

Finally check out for the best combined feature set.  Your savings, withdrawals, investments, and mortgage can all be managed with a single personal finance management app.  Once your basic need can be completed with the app , look out for an  advanced budget transactions feature you can rely on in the future.


  1. you are right when you mentioned that security is a major concern o many people. in my opinion, i dont trust any financial apps. i prefer doing my transactions the old way.

    any way great blog and continue with the great work.

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