You want retention in your company? Give your employees perk they will appreciate. Employee perks are those extra little things that make working for a company worthwhile. Don’t mistake them for benefits. Benefits are already expected – especially health insurance. They are a given, perks are not. The latter is really what makes employees feel appreciated.

How do you know which perks would be ideal for your company? Here are some examples of employee perks that will help with retention.

Perk #1: If there are parents in your company, offer daycare solutions.

Parents don’t like to think that they are a burden to the company. It can especially be stressful for a single parent to make time for both work and home. Let them know that they are welcome to your company by offering daycare solutions.

Perk #2: Do you have health conscious employees? Offer them gym memberships.

When your employees exercise, they increase their overall health. Everyone benefits from this. Their health is improved, which means they are less likely to get sick. This results in reduced health insurance costs. In addition to gym memberships, a wellness program, such as a subscription to a diet plan, is also a good perk.

Perk #3: Offer college admission support if you have young employees or parents of teenagers working for your company.

It’ll be good PR for your company if you promote education. Bring in a college coach to offer advice to employees with high school children. If any of your employees want to go back to school themselves, make it easy for them to take the classes or courses they need to enhance their career.

Perk #4: Are you on a tight budget? Simply offer your employees pizza once a week.

If you run a small business and don’t have very many employees, reward them for their hard work and dedication with a “fun day”. One day a week, treat them to some pizza. Let them relax a bit. They’ll appreciate it more than you realize.

Perk #5: Is there extra room in the break room? Turn it into a small arcade or game room.

Spruce that break room up a bit. It can be more than just a place for them to eat for 30 minutes a day. Bring in a pool table, Ping Pong table, and maybe some arcade games. Give your employees a chance to really enjoy their breaks.

Perk #6: Do some of your employees have to travel regularly? Offer a special pet care service.

Pets are part of the family. Whenever someone has to travel a lot, they worry about the well-being of their pet. If you think that this is a frivolous expense, think again. Worrying about pets can cause a lot of anxiety, which might cause an employee’s work performance to be compromised.

It won’t cost as much money as you might think to care for a pet for a day or two. When employees know that their pets are being taken care of, they will be able to work better while away.

Perk #7: If you run an IT company, offer your employees discounts on computers and other electronic devices.

You can work out a deal with computer companies such as Dell and Acer so that your employees can get discounts. Some cell phone companies will also offer specialized services to organizations. These are examples of the perks you can give your employees if communication and IT play important roles in your business.

Perk #8: Is there a lot of stressful work in your business? Bring in a yoga instructor once a week.

Yoga doesn’t just offer physical benefits – it also offers emotional and mental benefits. When the body is relaxed, stress is reduced. This results in better performance and more motivation in the workplace. It shouldn’t cost much at all to bring in a qualified yoga instructor.

Perk #9: If your organization is located in a busy urban area, you might want to consider concierge services for employees.

You can offer your workers concierge services via the internet. These services include a variety of perks, such as event tickets, discounts at restaurants, grocery delivery, laundry services, golf tee times, hotel discounts, limo and car rental services, and more. Through an internet concierge service, you can introduce a multitude of benefits.

Now you have some ideas of what kinds of employee perks to introduce in your company. Going that extra mile to keep your employees happy will result in better retention.

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