Your cloud data represents both a collection of your digital data and a body of your intellectual property that is a digital impression of you. Every day, millions of people contribute and share information on the internet on different platforms, web apps and mobile apps. Your data on the web could be your songs, photographs, iTunes account, emails, apps, games, instant messaging exchanges, Skype calls,credit card information, banking records, web searches, Tweets, Facebook updates, comments on blogs and posts for top blogs.

This data is largely controlled by someone else. The information footprint you leave on the internet does not solely rest in your hands but in the “cloud”-That largely means the servers of Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Yahoo! and Amazon host your private information and may well be still in control of it when you do not even need it. Even when the time comes for you to retrieve it, you may not be able to access it or be granted the permission to see it.

The ownership of most digital information on web lie not with individuals but with a handful of massive corporations. But what you can confidently do to secure the data in your control is to back it up. You should back up your data not only with a cloud service such as Dropbox, iCloud, Gdrive or others but also on “at least two, three or four” real-life hard drives. For maximum protection, put these backups in multiple locations.

With or without your consent your online data is being managed by tech giants.