Domain name trading has become an increasingly popular way of making money online. However, not many people succeed at it. The following are some tips which will help you assess your domains, locate prospective buyers and promote your sale.

1. Consider the potential

Before buying or registering a domain, you need to consider its potential. A good domain name is one that contains popular keywords which are relevant to the service or product. Such keyword-rich domains can be easily researched, acquired, valuated and sold. In addition, they offer numerous search engine optimization benefits.

2. Assess the monetary value

Carry out a search on Google to find out how popular the keywords in your domain are. For instance, if your domain is, carry out a phrase search for “pure bliss” (quotes included). What is the number of advertisers targeting those keywords? How many pages of results do you get from the search? These statistics can give you an idea of the value of your domain.

Look at recent domain sales and try to think from the buyer’s perspective. If you found your domain on sale, how much would you really be willing to pay for it? You will be able to make a sale faster when you establish the actual monetary value of your domain.

3. Promote your vision

If you are convinced that your domain is valuable, you should then share that vision with as many people as possible. This will make the offer attractive to prospective buyers. Write a short summary explaining how the domain can be used to generate cash and who it would be suitable for. This summary can be used on your sales page, forum posts, auction website and social updates, among other places.

4. Activate the domain

There are several ways in which you can activate your domain.

  • Park – Explore a few leading domain companies which offer parking services, as well as monetization solutions
  • Develop – Install your preferred CMS and create articles, pages or posts. You could consider using affiliate programs or AdSense to bring in a passive income. Developing a domain could help enhance its value significantly.
  • Forward – Direct prospective buyers to a marketplace auction or a page which contains details about the domain being sold.

Whichever option you go for, what really matters is how people can reach you. Make sure your visitors can easily access a contact form.

5. Transfer domain ownership fast

Once someone makes a suitable offer your domain, you need to respond quickly. Accept the offer and ask the buyer to make the payment. You should also request them to submit their registrar account username to facilitate ownership transfer. Initiating domain ownership transfer will encourage the buyer to make the payment faster.

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