Searching for similar stories on the web could take time and sometimes you are better with a tool that can make it easier. NextStories, a free tool makes it easier to find relevant articles and stories similar to the current story you are reading.The app still in beta hopes to offer users never-ending reading material about their favorite topics. There is no registration or set-up, you simply drag the bookmarklet button into your toolbar and you are good to go. You can also create a bookmarklet shortcut to your iOS device as a bookmark.

How it works

When you’ve finished reading a particular story and have to move on to a similar article or story, click on the NextStories bookmarklet you dragged on to your toolbar.

NextStories will then show you the latest articles from similar sites to the page you are currently on. The recommended reading is displayed in a grid layout overlaying the current page. The articles are separated into columns and each column represents a certain level of relevance, sorted from the most relevant on left to less relevant (and smaller) on the right.