If you’re into business, your Apple iPhone can help you handle most of your daily tasks – the App Store holds thousands of apps that can give you the opportunity to you access your business data on the go, keep organized, work with your files from wherever you are, create and manage to-do lists and tasks and much more. There are also apps that can help you manage your finances, track your stocks, calculate and compare your incomes, debts and loans and convert currencies.

Below we’ll try to introduce the best financial apps that can be useful for business persons:

1) Account Tracker

If you have multiple bank accounts, checking each one individually can prove very time consuming. Account Tracker provides you with the perfect tool for keeping a close eye on all of your accounts, and also provides alerts about the status of your money. With this app you can effortlessly switch between accounts and check the financial health of each using the clever color-coding system.

2) Expensify

Expensify is a great app for filing expenses, ensuring you always receive everything you are owed. The free app lets you use the mobile phone’s camera to take snaps of all receipts and send them digitally over to your boss. It is also possible to create reports in PDF format to send via email and have reimbursements paid directly into an online checking account.

3) TaxCaster

TaxCaster is a free app that looks at various areas of your finances – income, business expenses, charitable contributions and retirement savings – to provide you with an estimate of your tax refund. The tool is available online, but having it available on the move is much handier.

4) Bill Tracker

Paying bills late can result in overdue charges being added to your account – Bill Tracker ensures this never happens. This app lets you set up reminders for various bills and will alert you when the particular bill is due for payment, telling you how much you owe. Bill Tracker also keeps a full record of payment history, so you know exactly how much you have paid and when.

5) Balance

It is amazing how writing down financial transactions can help put you in control of your finances. Balance is about as simple as an app could be, providing you with a tool to input the details of every bill payment or purchase and have your bank balance automatically recalculated. This app will help you avoid any nasty surprises at the ATM.