Amazon has announced; a site which aims to be a one-stop web store for anything organic/green. Shop for Vine-reviewed products from paraben-free skin care and natural cleaners to organic snacks, sustainably-made décor & more. There’s an option to get that speedy two-day delivery service.

Vine has asked vendors to verify that their products meet certain standards and has scanned ingredient lists to make sure they do not contain banned substances.

Vine reviews the product description provided by the vendor to check that materials and ingredients are organic, natural or made mostly from sustainable materials. Products that otherwise contribute to a healthy home because they are energy efficient, water efficient, reusable, remove toxins or use renewable energy also qualify for the site.

Vine defines a “green” product as one that, based on our review described below, is made with healthy, environmentally sound ingredients and materials — a product that, at its core, is better for you and better for the planet.

In a statement published on Bits, Josh Dorfman, leader said “This is a site that is not necessarily about saving the planet, though we feel the products are useful in that regard.” “It’s really saying to mom, ‘If you care about raising safe and healthy kids and you feel green products without chemicals can help along the way, we’ve figured out ways to help you do that.’”