There are traditionally two ways to take a picture with your iPhone. You simply tap a button on the front of your screen or you push the volume up button to snap a quick photo. Well Vapp has third option for you- You iPhone can respond to sounds to take pictures automatically, without the press of any buttons. You don’t have to see where the button is to take your pictures and you don’t even need to be holding the phone either.

shaky hands moments can be avoided with Vapp. With Vapp you can simply whistle, clap, snap your fingers, make any sound, and the app will snap a picture. You can now put yourself in the pictures you take. Get yourself into your group shots, take as many as you like.

The free app uses a volume slider to set a target noise level that activates the shutter. The slider sets an automatic trigger based on background noise, but it can be manually adjusted if ambient sound is tricky to pinpoint.
You can still trigger different flash modes and switch between front and back cameras.