Jasmine is a free app that offers you the best way to experience Youtube on iOS mobile devices. The app has full support for iPhone and iPad, and looks great for the larger screen on the new iPhone 5. Jasmine has a clean and minimal design and includes almost all of the functionality you would expect in a YouTube. You can easily search for videos and access your playlists, viewing history, favorite videos, and subscriptions.

You have access to featured and trending videos as well as YouTube’s topical channels. You can share videos via Twitter, email and through your iPad’s clipboard. You can also have access to parental controls if you purchase the Pro version.

There’s also a Settings tab in which you can switch between Day and Night themes, dim the back-lighting and customize the functionality of forward and rewind buttons. A great addition is the ability to stream audio in the background, that means you can close out the app and still enjoy music while doing other things.

Jasmine remembers your position when returning to long videos and it aggressively filters for comment spam and channel promotions. The app supports AirPlay.