Hopflow, a social news discovery app that offers an automatic way to discover and share interest-based content, today announced the open beta launch of its web and mobile app. Hopflow wants you to stay abreast with social news via topics of interest to you. The app lets you discover and share content through specific topics. Hopflow joins the likes of News.me, Pulse, Flipboard, Google Currents, Zite, Flud and Trove.

Hopflow, allows you to select topics that interest you, and based on those interests, the app ‘automagically’ provides a personalized flow of stories from around the web and Hopflow community. Hopflow’s network also provides an ecosystem where content creators can break through existing online social barriers and get discovered by like-minded people.

Hopflow presents a completely new follow model and aims to lead a paradigm shift based on following interests. When you ‘Rehop’ content, you can share it, make comments and engage in conversations with people outside of your normal social circles who also love something else.

Erez Pilosof, CEO and Founder of Hopflow says “We believe that discovering and sharing stories about the things that interest you shouldn’t be tedious and time consuming but rather fun and easy. Hopflow eliminates unwanted noise and allows users to sit back and enjoy a beautiful image-based ‘flow’ of relevant content outside of their current social networks.”

Hopflow currently allows anyone with a valid Facebook or Twitter account can join. You can also download the free mobile app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in the iTunes App Store.