Finding the right job can be a lengthy process and you may not even find the right fit for yourself. LifeSwap wants to help you shadow a professional whose path you might want to follow. The site allows users to connect with professionals in a specific job position and shadow them for a predetermined length of time, at a price set by the host.

LifeSwap provides a career path pipeline for students and young professionals looking for guidance and direction in a fast changing world. Ambitious “Explorers”, if selected, get to visit a company for 2-3 hours, meet current employees, see what the day-to-day is like, and – most importantly – get a feel for the place.

According to Bastiaan Janmaat, co-founder of LifeSwap:”We are filling the void between superficial job information provided by family, friends, and job fairs on one hand, and major commitments such as internships on the other. LifeSwap is a commitment-free and extremely immersive way to experience a career for a few hours.”

LifeSwamp has also launched an “enterprise” option that schedules inter-company swaps for employees to pick up more skills at a specific company at a per-employee rate. LifeSwap makes money by taking a cut of each transacted swap, the cost of which is set by the host.

LifeSwap is currently available for potential “lifeswappers” in the US, specifically in the Bay Area. The company plans to expand beyond the Bay Area to other regions around the US in the next few months.