Everyone is an employee..well not really!

Everyone is an employee and few are startup founders but everyone wants to start a business and only few are able to start. Yea, being an employee feels….but work pays the bills, so you can’t complain. Well you can complain, but who will listen. Your employer claims to listen but they actually don’t. It’s company politics or you could say office politics. Some employers do listen, they even pay others to listen to you but they actually don’t do anything with what you say.

The BIG question is-Do employers really implement your feedback, suggestions and ideas. You contributed to the marketing strategy last week, but when the final document was submitted this week, your ideas were omitted, yea it kind of sucks! You complained but the marketing manager cannot do anything about it. So you drop it. You feel bad! Well it’s business, get over it.

The danger!

Yes there is danger ahead! if you continue to ignore your employees feedback and they get the slightest feeling that  you’re not listening, they won’t come to you with feedback, suggestions, or even report on progress of work. Well, some will come back but not everyone will give out his or her best. Employees are your greatest assets and they virtually run your business with or without you. Everybody in your business, yes that office need to stay happy, sane, and relatively balanced for work everyday. In fact, the office is their second home and the better you let them feel, the more productive they can be. And that means turn over will be good. Who doesn’t want a good turn over!

If you listen up, they will step up

It doesn’t get simpler than that, If they feel heard, they will step up their game and give out their best. That is all they ask! Just listen. You have made your point. They are aware of the vision, strategy and mission of the company. It’s all clear. The new strategy to generate leads and get more customers was communicated well enough. It’s now time to listen up. Employees have a lot more to offer than you think. After all, each one of them was hired among hundreds or thousands that applied to fill that position. There must be something about that line manger that won your confidence. Give her the opportunity to make an impact.

The bottom line is, people want to be heard!

You have tried everything in your power to get that idea across to the general manager but to no avail. Sometimes it’s frustrating! You can even doubt your own capabilities. Your boss has announced an open-door policy and he or she doesn’t stick to it. He just do not know how to listen.

This is what the employer needs to do…if they are listening

Listen to every idea that is presented without criticizing it- that is a great step. But can you actually do it: that is the problem. You could create teams that meet to discuss and resolve problems as and when they arise. You must be seen to be acting on the recommendations of the team. Your competitor is doing everything right and they are acquiring all the customers and your business is almost bankrupt. There must be something wrong at your company. It could be more than just listening to your employees, but you can do better!

Find out, ask for feedback, suggestions and opinion on how to solve that customer problem or even how to close that deal. Give them the opportunity to make a decision that will not break your business and trust that they will do it well. If it turns out right, you win twice-a client and a committed employee who will give out his or her best. The employees will not only begin to feel respected and valued, but they also will learn to trust your leadership.