Each week we put together some of the great startup articles that were written by top bloggers, business professionals and startup resource persons. Some of these startup articles are the most shared resources around the web. This week we have selected 14  of the most shared startup resources you can add to your reading list for the weekend. If you intend to start a business or have already started a business, you will find this list useful in the future. You can bookmark and read as and when you need them. Happy reading!

10 Key Entrepreneur Success Drivers May Surprise You

We can all dream about what it takes to make our startup a success. From recent survey feedback, it seems evident that the urban legends leading to success are wrong. The average entrepreneur is not the one who dumped…

How to Think Globally

Business leaders traditionally focus on market forces, such as customers, competitors, and suppliers. But potential crises–and potential opportunities–often can be found…

25 Things Your Startup SHOULD Copy From Evernote

Evernote is perhaps the most popular productivity app right now. You may already know that, actually you may even be using it. The product was launched into open beta …

How I Inadvertently Ran an MIT Student Hacking Contest For $3,001

It was 6:30pm on a random Tuesday evening in Cambridge. There I was, carefully counting a wad of crisp $100 bills in an unmarked white envelope.   I was parked in my car on Main Street, a block from the MIT campus.

6 Simple Rituals To Reach Your Potential Every Day

Becoming and staying productive isn’t about hard-to-follow programs or logging your every move in an app. It’s about self-care. Here are daily to-dos to get you started. It’s Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. Two San Francisco entrepreneurs are pitching their ventures to potential investors today.

3 Unconventional Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement

Do you want more Facebook fans without running contests or advertisements? Are you interested in increasing the engagement on your Facebook Page? If you’re looking for some creative ways to boost your brand’s profile on Facebook,…

5 Steps To Work Life Sanity in Today’s Social World

For most of us, regardless of our belief system, the holidays are a wonderful time. Its also the time of year when expectations are most out of whack, when we feel the most pressure to balance work, personal life and responsibility to others.

How to create new habits (with Charles Duhigg)

The good thing about having a bad memory is I can read a book…then 3 months later, read it again and it’s all new to me. Amazing!  This is why, when I was a kid, I read every book in our house at least 3 times — including the ENTIRE series of my sisters’ books, Sweet Valley High, three times.

The Future of Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Almost every large company understands it needs to build an organization that deals with the ever-increasing external forces of continuous disruption, the need for continuous innovation, globalization and regulation.

From Idea to Startup

You’ve identified a problem that you feel is your calling and you’re at that juncture where you need to take the plunge. But what do you do after that? How do you get started? Like you, there are many aspiring entrepreneurs who have had to face this question.

The Art of Taking Advice: It Isn’t What You Ask, It’s Whom You Ask

For serious entrepreneurs, one major component for making it past the incubator stage is the ability to gather a solid group of advisors. Often, these advisors become investors or board members. While at times the advice may not seem to align with your vision,

Do You Need an MBA for Startup Success?

In entrepreneurship, an MBA will only get you so far. One of my co-founders recently told me that now that he has his MBA, he knows how to run a business once it’s up and running, but he has no clue how..

How to Speak in Public… Even If You Hate Public Speaking

Despite your fear, you need to figure out how to fit public speaking into your schedule. Let me tell you why. Many entrepreneurs credit public speaking appearances as a critical piece to their business success. In fact, they treat it as a machine that generates leads for their business.

The Subscription Economy Is About Strengthening Customer Relationships, Not Just Recurring Revenues

TechCrunch recently ran a post by Ray Sobol, founder and CEO of EvidencePix, called It Might Be Time To Ditch The SaaS Monthly Subscription Model. In it he argues that a pure pay-as-you-go approach is better than a monthly subscription model because customers only pay for what they use.