With the emergence of social and contact management apps, you probably have thousands if not millions of contacts scattered all over the web. Managing contacts across different social networks, your phone and your email takes time. Digital life management is not getting any better. There are just too many apps now and Brewster wants to step in to help you make it easier to manage your all you contacts on your iPhone and social networks.

Brewster takes everyone you know including contacts from iPhone, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter to create your own personalized address book. The app aggregates all the contacts you have made across different digital platforms, merges them and uses algorithms to intelligently figure out connections based on those other users’ activity. Brewster then becomes your centralized social and personalized address book. The iPhone app factors in your location so that nearby friends pop up at the top of your contact list.


How Brewster works

Once users download the app to their phone, they can link it into their various accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn. Then the app begins to examine the relationships between the phone owner and the people across their various networks.

The app’s algorithms monitor how often the phone owner interacts with his or her contacts, through text message, e-mail, instant message, Twitter and other apps. It generates lists that organizes contacts into categories like “favorites” and “trending” to display the user’s most frequent contacts. Eventually, users will be able to assemble their own lists of contacts.