If you are proud of what you share  on social networks, RebelMouse wants to give you an opportunity to aggregate all your social activities on a social front page.  Most heavy social media users are  on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest and Google+. Actually there could be more. RebelMouse creates your social front page, building a dynamic site around what you share.

Basically users connect their Facebook, Twitter , Google+, Instagram  accounts during registration, and  the latest updates  of your social activities are posted in a Pinterest-style collage that represents your social media presence. It’s as simple as that.

You are also able to rearrange posts so that you have a level of editorial curation that supersedes what Facebook and Twitter alone provides.

The page creation process is automated, but you can tweak the results, say by deleting updates that you don’t like or sticking important ones to the top of the page.


Yyou can check out my RebelMouse page, and RebelMouse’s.) The page creation process is automated and simple. Once your page is created you can easily share it on your Twitter or Facebook page.

There’s also a bookmarklet for sharing content that you find on the Web directly to your RebelMouse page.

RebelMouse is also working on a native iOS mobile app  to allow people and businesses to launch personalized iOS apps using the platform. These apps will allow people with large personal followings as well as businesses to create native apps that allow fans and followers to track what they do in the social space in a centralized location.

Rebel Mouse hopes to monetize organically by providing businesses an e-commerce platform, allowing people such as photographers and fashion designers to sell their wares in a dynamic, visual way. Another form of monetization they plan on is sponsored content.