how to win customers

Customer acquisition is a crucial task for every business. Customers are the engine of growth. There cannot be a business without customers or users (paid or free). Prospective customers and your existing customers appreciate every little step you go to keep them happy. And customers always know when they are being treated right. And they shout about it when they treated wrong. That is why you should care. These customer acquisition strategies can be useful in your quest to win customers and retain buyers.

Offer the best customer service imaginable

  • Provide top-notch client service

This sounds simple but your best bet on retaining customers depends on how you treat your customers.  A fully satisfied customer can and may recommend your product or service to their friends or colleagues. Imagine what an unhappy customer could cause you: remember with abundance of social tools, unsatisfied customers can spread their grievances faster than your marketing campaign.

Stand for the value of what you sell

  • Never mislead the customer

Highlight the advantages that your product has over the products of your competitors. Prospective customers pay for your service or product based on the information you provide. If they find out they are not getting what you claim to sell, they will loose trust in you and it won’t end there, they will tell almost everybody they know about their bad experience with your company.

Stay in touch even when you don’t make a SALE

  • Someday you will make that sale

Even if you are not able to win a deal with prospective customers, be in touch with them. Make them  understand that though they haven’t bought anything from you, they are still valuable to you and the business you stand for. Maintaining relationship is as vital as making a sale.

Never be argumentative with the customer

  • You can very well make a statement by being assertive and polite.

Customers complain about problems they face using your product.  If your customer is coming back to you with product or service issues, resolve them on priority. After sales service is one of the most important tool which might help you win some more deals in the future. Most of the customers check your level of interest and eagerness to earn their regular business.

Connect positively with prospective customers

Connecting is not selling, it is building a positive relationship that can turn into a lead in the future. Find out what they’ve had in the past that they liked and didn’t like. Only then can you start to create the solution that is right for them. Start connecting now, you never know who could get you that big deal you are expecting.

Keep your marketing message plain & simple

Customers have lots of options and you don’t want to confuse them with too much information without actually telling them what you do and how you can solve their problems.

Provide a better experience through the buying cycle for the customer

A customer typically goes through many different sellers or service providers to get a solution to their problems. What will make you stand apart and win the deal?

Do not compromise on quality!!