Online security tips

Thousands of web applications and dynamic websites are constantly under attack from hackers, malwares, SQL injections etc. because most businesses are concerned about how to attract the right leads and acquire users. Most businesses loose sight of the security concerns that could create problems in the future. It’s imperative that you take the necessary steps to secure your website today. You could loose crucial confidential customer data, information and contacts if your business falls victim to a security threat.

1.       Online Business security threats on the rise

The number of security incidents exploiting “security holes” (vulnerabilities) in websites is on the rise. The Common Weakness Enumeration report (2011 CWE/SANS) has identified the top 25 most dangerous software errors your web app could be facing right now. Notable on the list are SQL injections and cross-site scripting errors.  Protect your business today with and minimise the risk of loosing customer data.

2.       Cyber criminals are getting more advanced

Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated and they are now investing in advanced toolkits to increase the likelihood of attacks on both business and government websites. Cyber security threats are becoming more targeted through social media and mobile data profiling. Make sure you look into every possible threat.

3.       Attacks are Inevitable but can be stopped

The volume of attacks being launched in recent times is overwhelming, which makes the possibility that one of them will succeed nearly inevitable. According to the “2011 Data Breach Investigations Report” by Verizon, the number of attacks launched online against businesses between 2005 and 2010 increased by a factor of five. It’s your responsibility to stop attacks before they become too difficult to deal with.

4.       Every online business is prone to attacks

Securing and investing in the right security technology is not just a requirement, it is now increasing becoming a mandate for most businesses. You have to quickly detect breaches your online business could be exposed to as soon as possible. Every online business is prone to attacks. You never know when your business could be a victim of the next attack. Website protection is now a must for every online business.

What you can do right now

1.       Invest in the best security tools

Hackers are constantly looking for proprietary company data, user IDs, passwords, private financial data, and government confidential information and they are investing in toolkits to make this possible. Invest in the best tools as well to prevent an attack on your business in the future.

2.       Your database needs the best protection on the market

SQL Injection is at the top of the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE/SANS) report list because every web application developed today that use a database is required to build an SQL statement. That means if the SQL statement-building procedure is not securely protected, attacking and manipulating the database would become possible for online attackers.

3.       Web components/features needs to be scrutinized for loopholes

To maintain the safety of your website, you need to take appropriate security measures on each website component right from development stage to maintain and expansion stages of your business.

4.       Tackle vulnerabilities right from the beginning

The best solution is to try not to create security holes when developing a web application in the first place and achieve the basic solution of “vulnerability-free” as much as possible. But dynamic applications and websites keep improving and changes to keep up with trends and business growth.

5.       Take a second look

Take time to look into your web application or website again and make sure every threat that could disrupt your business today is identified and neutralized. Identify every loophole that could be a vulnerability and take the necessary steps to guard your app against cyber criminals.