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1. 5 Social Media Biz Strategies You’ll See This Year

The way businesses use social media in 2013 will change the way customers and companies interact on the medium. According to social intelligence firm newBrandAnalytics, here are some of those changes…

2. 10 Start-up Mistakes to Avoid in the New Year

From failing to supervise the sales team to being just a little too feedback-happy, these young entrepreneurs learned some tough lessons about running a start-up in 2012.  We asked 10 successful founders from the Young Entrepreneur Council to reveal which business mistakes…

3. Entrepreneurs: *DO* Be A Hero

This got me to thinking (which is often a dangerous thing), am I taking enough risks?  Am I being daring enough?  Am I being a hero?  Answer:  Not often enough. So, here’s advice to my future self and all of you:  *DO* be a hero….

4. 5 Simple Daily Habits to Practice This New Year

When I was in the fourth grade, my mom took me to our local bank in New Jersey — Hudson City Savings– and opened up a savings account in my name with $50 in it. I got a little savings book with my name neatly…

5. 21 Social Media Predictions for 2013 From the Pros

Are you wondering what 2013 might look like for social media marketing? If the changes seen in 2012 are an indicator, there will be a lot more change in 2013. To get a grip on what the near future may look like, we tapped the…

6. 10 Mobile Apps To Make Your Business More Productive in 2013

Now that the new year is in full swing, I’d like to provide everybody in our extended Forbes family with a few no-calorie treats that can make your business more productive in 2013.Here are 10 top picks (in no particular order)..

7. The Conscious Lifestyle: A Leader Must Look and Listen

In the first post of this series on leadership, I divided the topic into seven headings using the acronym L-EADERS. In this post we’ll discuss L = Look and Listen. In the past, when leaders were more authoritarian,…

8. Congratulations, You Failed

Failure is not fun. When it happens, it’s hard to pick yourself up the next day and go back into work.But push through, because your prize is waiting for you.Failure is the foundation for success. That’s an old Japanese proverb. Embrace the attitude of implementing…

9. 16 Must-Try Apps and Websites For Entrepreneurs

It’s an easier time than ever to be a young, creative entrepreneur these days. Whether you’re running a successful T-shirt company or just getting started commercializing your family’s homemade soap…

10. 10 Real-World Things To Consider Before Scaling Your Startup

What could possibly be bad about scaling up your startup? If you’re thinking about growth because the demand is there, you’re clearly doing something right.But a rush to ramp up too soon can lead to serious growing pains,..

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