Google has a 96 percent market share worldwide in mobile search but Izik still wants to take on the search giant. Izik developed by Blekko and launched last week is a sleek and beautiful way to search the internet on your mobile devices.  Izik is a new search experience built specifically with the iPad and Android tablets in mind using Blekko’s algorithms, sans-spam thanks to human curating.

In a blog post, the company said ” Tablets are increasingly getting integrated into our lives, so we wracked our noggins to figure out how we could use our search technology to optimally serve tablet users. Not surprisingly, our research revealed that tablets take on a very different role in our lives than laptops and desktops. Laptops are for work; tablets are for fun. Laptops are task-oriented (“what’s the capital of Bulgaria?”); tablets are more exploratory (“what’s Jennifer Lopez doing these days?”).”

Izik  transforms search into a beautiful, glossy page that utilizes rich images, categories, and gesture controls.  Blekko wants to  remove the traditional “10 blue links” experience from search, replacing it with “a more fun, tablet-appropriate … image-rich layout.

When you search, results are broken down into categories, like Top Results, Images, Travel, Latest and other related categories that genuinely resemble Blekko slashtag suggestions. Quick Answer boxes answer a query leveraging Blekko’s Dynamic Inference Graph.

The app itself is a web browser. When you click a result link, the page will open within the app. The Izik logo becomes your back button, returning you to your results.

You can download the Izik app for both Android and iOS 6 devices.