Facebook marketing tips 2013

Facebook marketing still works

There are  now close to a billion people on Facebook and most businesses are taking advantage of what the biggest social network has to offer for business growth. If done right, Facebook marketing can drive tons of targeted traffic and leads to your business, website or opt-in page. You just need to know what to do, when to do it and how to effectively do it for maximum impact.  Promotional marketing is still relevant for business growth on Facebook. Invest your time and resources where you will reap the most reward today.

Engage your audience

Generally it’s important to constantly engage your audience or followers if you intend to benefit from all  social media platforms.  Start posting relevant content as your status uodate. Most followers would love to stay informed, educated, entertained not just about your product or service but about your industry. You can effectively turn social media into business success if your followers benefit from following your page.

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Use images where necessary

Images have proven to be effective at engaging Facebook followers and users. You can easily attract comments, likes, shares, etc. if your post relevant images as your status. Sometimes it’s better to post images instead of just texts. You can try it, if it works you can stick with it going forward. You can ask people for their opinions and feedback on the images you upload.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key is growing your followers and attracting likes on Facebook. Consistently share compelling content. There are so many pages just like your business, and they are all looking to attract more Facebook likes and shares. If users can trust that they will consistently be informed or educated when they see your update, you can be assured that they will like your page.

Network through relevant groups on Facebook

There are lots of relevant groups and pages on Facebook for like-minded users.  You can also connect with other users by joining similar groups with large following. Learn how they attract likes to their pages and implement relevant strategies that can work on your page. You should participate in group discussions and comment on useful updates. Answer questions where necessary.

Start a discussion on a relevant or controversial industry topic

Start a discussion on a topic that can generate lots of comments. The topic must be relevant to your industry and you must be prepared to be a part of the discussion. Respond to questions people may have. Engage others who respond even negatively. You can ask a question about a problem your industry faces and request for solutions to the problem from users. Encourage your audience to share relevant and useful answers.

Measure your strategies and find out what works and what does not work. You can use Facebook Insights to find out where your likes and coming from to know where to target your marketing activities.