There are hundreds if not thousands of sneaker designs out there, but hey the world thrives on innovation and change. Sneakers have gone through different models and designs over the past years and each year you expect to see something new in your favourite sneaker shops. Well Sneakerly wants to give you the opportunity to see your sneaker designs in their online store and you could earn $2,500 for it.

Sneakerly connects creative designers with original quality footwear production by allowing them to design and decide what the company makes. Illustrators, designers and artists submit their artwork and Sneakerly showcases the designs on their site for you to decide on what they manufacture.

The company uses a crowdsourcing funding model to make sure only designs people want to wear are made.

Sneakerly founder David Hill says  “we’re giving designers another creative outlet for their artwork and it’s an outlet that helps pay the bills. The designer can focus on their art and doesn’t have to worry about manufacturing or order fulfillment, Sneakerly takes care of all that.”


How Sneakerly works

Each design has 25 days to receive 250 pre-orders, which we call endorsements. If a design is successful the endorser’s card is billed, the designer receives $2,500 and the company manufactures the sneakers to fulfill the endorsements and to place more sneakers in their online store.

How you can earn $2,500 from Sneakerly

1. Create an account

2.Download the trainer template or email them your design

3. Apply your great design

4. Upload it to the site

The catch

A pair of sneakers have 25 days to get 250 pre-orders, called endorsements, and if successful, they get made and the designer gets paid. It’s that simple.

Good luck with your design!