Pinterest is the new way to market creative images of consumer products. The site allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events and hobbies. The virtual pinboard that Pinterest offers is attractive and appealing and attracts millions of people. And most internet users prefer visual representation of data to just reading texts.

Marketing ideas for Pinterest

The company has launched new set of resources designed just for business. During the sign-up process, companies are encouraged to add Pin It and Follow buttons to their sites, and embed widgets showcasing their pins.

Pinterest is not for every business. If you can clearly communicate your message visually then go for it.  Most businesses have taking advantage of Pinterest and have created infographics that are being shared on Pinterest to increase the exposure of their business. Your potential customers cannot  buy your products directly from the site, but you will be guaranteed some kind of exposure. Businesses that are not able to manage social accounts for their businesses rely on marketing agencies to create the initial exposure for them, that way they are able to know the strategies that are producing the results they need. Outsourced marketing is one strategy, if social networks are not an option, then an outsourced marketing expert can counsel, develop and implement marketing plans for your business.

Your creative content should be useful to your target customers

Whatever content you intend to create must be educative, informative or entertaining. Users will only repin an image that has proven to be useful for them.  Your business content for Pinterest is always about awareness and exposure, remember to post great content without necessarily selling. Do a great work on your website where the real selling takes place.

Keywords are CRUCIAL

Use value-based keywords in the description of your content for Pinterest – Pinterest search uses description for the categories. Make sure you are in the right category by writing a great description.

Link back to a  landing page

One of he the best ways to get the most out of Pinterest is to post original content that links back to not just your website but the landing page or to the original source of the image you decide to repin. If you are creating a product image make sure you are  communicating exactly what you do in simple words with focus on the visual mesage.  Concentrate on posting content  relevant to trending topic in your industry or popular current event  and you can be assured of  repins.

Be selective about your pins

Your profile should be known for particular kinds of pins.  Do not  “pin”  just any creative or popular image to your profile. Too many pins from different categories will  dilute your brand and what you stand for and even defeat the purpose of  maintaining an account on Pinterest.

You can also review other business boards that are related to your business for ideas on how you can better create meaningful content.

You could also create a board of  fun/interesting things that users can easily repin but may not relate directly to your brand. It will help your brand seem personal and give people another reason to follow you.


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