If you are familiar with Google Now, Groker is definitely a must-try. Google Now anticipates what you might be searching for and delivers it automatically to you on your Android device. Google’s app  provides weather information, flight details, sports team updates, traffic updates, calendar events, and more.

Groker quite similar to Google Now but avaialable to iOS users only, wants to put an end to “find and forget” search results on iOS users. The app learns everything you like and prompts you with breaking news, trends, up-to-date traffic information, weather, sports scores, restaurant information etc. Groker gathers from your social profiles including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


When you launch Grokr, it customizes the interface to show you local weather, traffic, trending headlines and search terms, movies, and other personal entertainment-focused recommendations like nearby restaurants, bars, parks. With constant use, Grokr continually understands your likes, interests, location and brings you content just when you need it, anywhere you are.

For daily commuters, Grokr detects your commute patterns and warns you before you start out saving you precious time on the road.

The also offers location-based search for goods and services, including sales and discounts based on your immediate proximity.