The new MySpace has now opened to the public after private beta previews for the past six months. The app now has a fresh redesign and a new focus on helping artists post music to share with fans. Justin Timberlake, an investor in the new Myspace has made his new track ( Suit & Tie) available on the homepage. The track is the first thing that loads up on the homepage when you sign up.

The new myspace app

The new redesign is focused around following specific artists and consuming their content, such as music, film and photographs. The  Discover section features  plenty of other artists apart from Justin Timberlake. It includes trending items (artists, users, videos,  etc) and  prominent music-specific section (high rotation, new albums, artists, and recommended). The social app also has  a streaming radio function with the ability to play artist or genre stations. Finally, a mixes section lets people share playlists.

Discover music on myspace

There’s an audio deck at the bottom of every page, where users can easily play and add songs to their queues, along with a “People” tab where you can subscribe.

The old version of Myspace is still available through the company’s primary URL,