Yahoo has acquired, a content pinning and curation site. allows you to collect the best of the Web. It enables consumers to easily “snip” content – videos, images, and articles – and share their opinions with the world just like Pinterest but just for text.


The company stated on it’s website:

We are thrilled at the opportunity to bring’s vision to a larger scale at Yahoo!. While we can’t share the specifics of what we’ll be building, we are excited about the opportunity to take social news to new, exciting heights at Yahoo!. The Yahoo! team is passionate about inspiring and entertaining the world’s daily habits, and certainly sharing news and information is something we all do every day. The vision and energy at the company is contagious, and we’re so excited to be part of all that is to come.

As of As of today, will no longer support snipping, but users have options to download and export all their snips. was founded in the spring of 2011 when Egypt-born, San Francisco-based Ramy Adeeb, then a principal at Khosla Ventures, was struggling to find a platform to share his thoughts and relevant content around the Arab Spring. With that in mind, he created, a platform focused on highlighting interests through collections, and a venue for non-fleeting content.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (formerly of Google) has made significant changes and acquisitions since assuming office, notable among them are the acquisition of OnTheAir (Google+ Hangouts + Skype + YouTube) and the redesign of Yahoo! Mail.