There are now more than enough social apps for almost every kind of communication among friends, family and businesses. But there are always better ways to solve a problem, hence too many social apps give you a better option to solve your personal and business problems. The paradox of choice is the social consumer’s dilemma.

social apps

You may have tried so many social apps in the past, but you may still want to try a new social app you think could make your life even easier. Enough is not enough! There will always be a new social app and when you think it’s better than what you currently use, you may try it.

You use Twitter to share  just a few words at a time, Twitter makes us believe 140 characters is enough. Well, we have no choice but to abide by that rule and we are living comfortably in the Twitter democracy, maybe not. Facebook wants you to share almost everything with your friends. Foursquare expects you to check-in at every location. Instagram wants you to take pictures from all locations.

But you want to maintain a professional profile, so you have a professional life on LinkedIn, but who cares anyway. And Google+ is gaining attention, you can even hangout with your friends, but millions prefer to hangout on Skype. Your social life is better viewed with photos, Instagram is just for that and millions are already sharing, except millions are concerned with their privacy. The new Flickr is catching up with 16 new effects to enhance your images.

Almost every heavy user of social apps has a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Foursquare  account. But you may be still waiting for the next big thing, keep your hopes alive, a disruption could be on the way. You will be surprised at how you will react to the next big social app that can make and will make a greater impact in our lives. Can you ever stop using Facebook or Twitter, well the next big thing will tell.

You remember Hi5 and MySpace? Probably, you have had accounts at those sites but now you can’t give up Facebook, time will tell. The future is of social apps is still bright. Creative thinkers are figuring our the next big thing. Disruption is inevitable, change is coming and apps that refuse to change with time will be overtaking.

Businesses are embracing social apps like never before. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are creating an enabling enviroment for businesses to grow on their platforms. Foursquare has even created a mobile app just for businesses to maximise the use of  Foursquare.  Salesforce keeps adding social apps to it’s CRM platform.

Tech giants acquire social apps they know will help them fulfill their visions. At some point in the very near future, almost every business  will likely have some kind of social capabilities running through their veins, that is inevitable.

The future of social apps may very well be in your palms. You determine the growth and usage patterns. Tech giants are watching your every move. Your digital feet is all over the internet and somebody is watching to jump in with the next social innovation because you care, well maybe you don’t but they do.