A new kind of pen is here designed just for kids. The beauty of Lernstift is that, you get to focus on what matters whilst the pen alerts you of your mistakes whilst you write.  The pen also recognizes words, guestures and symbols even if you only “draw them in the air”. This opens up all new possibilities for white boarding applications.


How it works

Lernstift was created  with sophisticated tech that recognizes all writing movements and lets you know when you’ve made a mistake – with an unmistakable vibration.

You can choose between two functions:
Calligraphy Mode – pointing out flaws of form and legibility.
Orthography Mode – detecting orthographic and grammatical mistakes.

Lernstiff Salzburg-based maker plans to launch a crowdfunding effort starting this month. Starting in March 2013 the company wants to raise 200,000 to 1.5 million EUR via crowdfunding (seeding phase).


Future versions of the Lernstift will include a dynamic pressure sensor and a networking module to connect with PCs and other devices, as well as an open platform for app development.

The Austrian startup currently located in Germany wants to make anything you write or drawn with Lernstift available for digital use.