Launching  a new business requires lots of work  to get your product message to your audience. Most startups dream of going viral with a product launch right from day one. But you don’t get to go viral with just any message, you need to create a compelling message that tells a great story about your new startup and why people should care about what you are offering.

how to launch a startup


There are just too many products out there, and you need to stand out. Like Seth Godin said; you need to be the purple cow to get recognition you expect. These startups tools are purposely designed to kick start your new product website or page. Get your startup to a good start with great productivity tools that will gaurantee some kind of buzz right from the beginning.


Launchrock helps you create a viral launching soon page for free. Launchrock is a tool that makes it easy to  capture email addresses, and encourages virality for new product launches. When people sign up to your project by giving you their email address, they are sent a confirmation email by Launchrock. The app allows you to upload your own background photo to customize your design.


Ooomf is like Launchrock but for mobile apps. Ooomf teaches you how to market an iPhone app by providing App Store tips, building a following, and giving you access to killer tools. Ooomf’s mobile app discovery platform helps developers find early adopters and invite them into the app creation process. Through Ooomf, early adopters can tell developers their opinions, and developers can then make decisions on future directions with a little more input.


Unbounce provides marketers and advertisers doing paid search, email or social media marketing, the means to create, publish and test highly effective promotion specific landing pages without IT or developers. Unbounce allows you to build landing pages (either from scratch or from a template designed for conversion. You can also  A/B test your page to learn which messaging and designed resonate best with your customers.

Launch Effect

Launch Effect is a free responsive one-page WordPress theme that lets you create a viral campaign in minutes. The Launch Effect comes with a built-in stats page. Upon signing up, your Launch Effect page automatically generates a unique URL for your fans to share with their friends. The stats track who spread the word about your site, and who signed up as a result.


KickoffLabs allows you to create a social landing page you can launch with, has a ton of customization options, and also manages your newsletters so you don’t need to sign up for multiple services. Create and edit pages yourself using  themes, design tools, and hosting on your domain. KickoffLabs allows you to add pictures, videos, and slideshows.


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