Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.-Seth Godin

marketing challenges

In the abundance of products, the customer expects to be impressed. You cannot just win clients with yet another ordinary marketing message. They have heard it before, they have seen too many ads, they have seen the message on TV and they have ignored hundreds on most websites. You don’t want to waste time and resources on another product that will not sell or even attract customers. There are hundreds of such products out there without message and they are loosing resources. Consumers have every resource to get your great message even further than you think, make your marketing story remarkable. In the same way a poor marketing message can bury your product for good.

Most innovative marketing messages convey simple but captivating messages that stay in the minds of prospective customers and even competitors. Every customer wants to identify with a great brand with a compelling message. Make it count. Get your message to your audience at places they hang out most. Get closer to that customer instead of waiting for him or her to discover you, they have no reason to.

Who are you targeting?

Every company has a message, but the real problem is getting the message to the right audience. There are just too many people who could be interested in your new product, but the real question is, will they sign up? Will they listen your message, will they respond as you expect. If your marketing message gets to the wrong audience, you have made no progress because you will be ignored. Do your research and find out WHO actually needs your product and get your story to them. Most people do not know what they want until you sell them a compelling story they can identify with.

Who will listen?

Creating awareness of a new product is probably the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs.  You could do everything right but still nobody will seem to listen. In fact you may be forced to invest most of your resources into getting your message to somebody but you could still not make the impact you deserve. Well, you are not alone, there are thousands of businesses out there still figuring out how to do this right. Pause and ask yourself if the message is right, ask again if you are creating relevant noise, are you educating or informing your prospective customers. Why should they trust you. Start contributing relevant content and offer something meaningful to your customer and you will be glad you did.

Which social platform is good for your business

Most businesses still don’t get it. Social media is here to stay. The earlier you take advantage of the benefits, the more resources you will save. Getting your compelling marketing message to the right social platform will attract the right lead. You cannot be everywhere. You need to know which platform is good enough for your business. Stick to what works, measure it and change where necessary. Identify two or three social tools you can consistently monitor  and work with it. And remember, do not just push content out, listen and answer.

There is always a trend!

Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers and business – Mark Sanborn. Business survive on progress- progress and change cannot be separated. If you fear to change, prepare to be overtaken. There is always a marketing trend in your industry, look out for it and know when to jump on to avoid accidents. Most business miss the marketing trend that drives the industry and loose out on new customers or lead.