The internet has provided convenient access to doors that weren’t even created some 15 to 20 years ago. What’s encouraging about this is that those doors are getting even wider and easier to open.The secret to burrowing right on through them? Having the right keys, or in this case, the right tools. Everything from audio conferencing solutions to cloud storage have benefited online marketers.

Here are 10 great productivity tools online marketers can use to get more done and produce better results.

top productivity tools

1. AnyMeeting

Web-based conferences make both great marketing and educational tools. There are several meeting applications available, but most want you to pay something in order to unlock the full potential. AnyMeeting is a conferencing tool that allows you to host phone, web, and video conferences at no cost. Video conferences support up to six participants, while meetings support up to 200  people through screen sharing. Paid plans are also available.

2. Google Calendar

There is no shortage of calendar apps, but Calendar is easily one of the best. This tool is extremely handy for staying organized, serving up daily, weekly, and monthly views of your schedule. It also integrates with Gmail, which introduces another degree of convenience when it comes to setting appointments and inviting contacts to meetings. This productivity tool is completely free to use.

3. FreshBooks

Accounting and billing are among the most dreaded tasks within any given business operation. FreshBooks offers an affordable and effective way to simplify those critical processes. With this free service, you can create invoices to bill clients, track expenses, and view detailed reports on account activity. You may find this tool suitable enough to replace your existing bookkeeping system.

4. Evernote

Notes often become great ideas, and great ideas often become successful results. Evernote makes taking notes a synch by providing a platform that lets you sync, store, and organize your content. You can also create voice memos and store images to take your thought provoking endeavors to a new level. When it comes to note-taking tools, it’s hard to top Evernote.

5. Data Storage

Keeping all your informational assets on your local hard drive is a risky move to say the least. Online storage services like Dropbox exist to give businesses a peace of mind. A free Dropbox account gets you 2GB, which is ample space for all your documents, and even a generous amount of media. If you need more space, the cloud aspect allows you to easily scale up when you’re ready.

6. Write or Die

Few marketers consider themselves professional writers, yet spend a lot of their time writing blog posts, newsletters, and other content. Write or Die is a neat app that nips writer’s block in the bud by encouraging you get down to business. It does this punishing you to consequences such as loud, blaring car horns, screaming babies, and other earsplitting annoyances the longer you stall. Write or Die is available for both your desktop and iPad.

7. Yammer

Yammer is a social networking tool made with professionals mind. This platform supports your internal communication and collaboration needs by allowing team members to share files and connect across departments, applications, and content. Yammer has a basic plan for free, in addition to paid plans that offer extras such as beefed up security and deeper integration.

8. Rapportive

Want to know more about potential connections before linking up? Rapportive has you covered. With this interesting tool, you can view data associated with a user’s profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter right from your inbox. Rapportive integrates seamlessly into your Gmail account.

9. WorkyFlowy

WorkyFlowy is a web-based tool that helps you organize highly efficient task lists and documents. This tool is currently used for tasks ranging from building simple to-do-lists to creating detailed spreadsheets. You can add notes, create lists segments, and even share lists amongst team members. WorkFlowly is a free service that can be accessed through a standard or mobile web browser.

10. Asana

Some projects just can’t be pulled off without a way to manage individual tasks. Asana is a comprehensive project management system used by the likes of DropBox, Foursquare, and Quora. This tool allows managers to easily create, organize, and stay on top of projects from beginning to completion. Asana has a free basic service as well as several premium plans.

Here’s my list of the 10 best productivity tools for online marketers. Where’s yours? Leave a few of your favorites in a comment.

About the author:  Francis Santos is a writer for Benchmark Events, a best practices event marketing company.

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  1. I have used and love the google calendar and being able to access it from google+. “Write or die” looks like a very interesting app. I do lots of blog posts, send email campaigns to my list, and even come up with articles for some of my clients so I will definitely check out “write or die”

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