Since its initial development in the 1990s, the discipline of knowledge management has established itself as one of the fastest-changing fields in business. Keeping up with the latest evolution is not only helpful — it is essential. Ongoing innovation and improvement require everyone involved to stay aware and in touch with progress.

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• Quandora Answering Your Questions

Simplification is always the goal when it comes to technology and the fast-paced information exchanges required keep businesses competitive today. That is why Quandora developed their Questions & Answers software. The company acquired the necessary seed money for the project from Kima Ventures, the cutting-edge entrepreneur that combined the Internet with phone and television in France.

The primary goal of this new software is to facilitate the process of bringing new employees into a company. While the software can be put to many uses once it is acquired, it is designed to incorporate team and company information easily. Through social media tactics, crowd-sourcing and game dynamics, the software encourages the contributions of workers to its database.

• Rivet Logic Recognized

Open-source is an increasingly hot topic in this arena. Rivet Logic is a company that focuses on the collaboration required to manage systems using this format. Clients relying on this business are the kinds that want to improve productivity while simultaneously increasing and improving their relationships with customers. This is the kind of upgrading that can only occur with help from social media applications and strategies.

KM World recently recognized this company as one of the industry leaders due to its innovative work and its customer service. The president of Rivet Logic was quoted as being honored to receive the recognition. This is the fifth year in a row that this growing company has achieved such recognition.

• Computer Review’s New Knowledge Economy Tool

As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep up with the tools already available, Computer Review has developed another knowledge management resource. At the same time, the format for the device is simple. Computer Review maintains an online database of 419 artificial intelligence and robotics as these subjects undergo review and development in 36 different countries. These topics are beyond cutting edge right now.

The things that people are doing with the Internet now were just dreams when the information superhighway was little more than a big message board 15 years ago. In another 15 years, they may be saying the same thing about robotics and AI as they look back on what Computer Review is preparing right now. Subscribers to this database can do more than just learn about the latest advancements.  They can engage in debate, exchange information and access critical and original sources.

  • Bloomfire Provides Content Delivery Systems

Enterprise knowledge management systems have a profound need for their own services. Businesses are engaging more and more seriously in their transition to the Internet, cloud storage and utilization of the social media phenomenon. Consequently, their need for these tools only increases, as the rise in information can become too abrupt to handle. The best way to keep meeting these needs is to develop even more knowledge management software.

And this is exactly what Bloomfire delivered– top-notch communication, content creation, and sharing tools that help companies maximize their productivity and efficiency. Gone are the days where workers depend solely on SharePoint and Intranet; the company offers a powerful Q&A engine and tools that allow employees to share knowledge and social content, resulting in the improvement of their customer engagement and partner enablement. With Bloomfire, companies are able to build their own internal corporate learning community without a fuss.

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