There are millions of sound tracks out there for all music lovers. There are more than enough music you can enjoy on the internet. If you love music and are constantly online, it’s now easier and more convenient to listen to  your favorite artiste, tracks and playlists even while your surf the web on your desktop or on your smartphone.

best websites for discovering music

Discover and share music with friends the easy way. You can create and share your playlists with everyone in your network or you can choose to enjoy great playlists from other users. Some of these music discovering sites and apps allow you to manage your own music right from the cloud. You can take your music with you wherever, whenever, however you want.

Guess what, there are hundreds if not thousands of music sites out there, some of these music discovery sites are already available for your iPhone or Android device. In no particular order, 35 of the best music discovery sites and apps you can use today are:

1. Jamendo – Listen to music published under Creative Commons for free.

2. SoundCloud – Listen and share your sounds.

3. – Evolving music past the play button (by The Echo Nest).

4. MXP4 – Creates social music games for Facebook.

5. Sellaband – Where fans invest in music.

6. Murfie – The friendly music market. – Your media library in the cloud.

8. Mashup – Your music in the cloud.

9.Google Play – Buy music or store up to 20k songs from your collection online.

10. Amazon Cloud Drive – Securely store you music and make it available anywhere.

11.wa – Listen to the music around you and broadcast your music to the world.

12. TuneIn – Listen to the radio wherever you go.

13. Nomis – The music release notifier app for iPhone.

14. Supersonic – A simple way to discover new music on your iPhone.

15. SoundTracking – Share the sound track to your life.

16. GetGlue – Check in to music and get rewards.

17. Twusic – Twitter plus music.

18. – Connect with your friends for realtime social listening.

19. This Is My Jam – Like Instagram and Pinterest for music.

20. Lyrify – Automatically find lyrics for your favorite Spotify music.

21.  Soundrop – Crowd based social music hangout where you can listen with friends.

22. Utubify – Watch your Spotify playlist. A Spotify and YouTube mashup.

23. Spotify– Music streaming on your laptop, Android and iPhone.

24.  Rdio – Unlimited music everywhere with no ads.

25.  Grooveshark – Listen to free music online. Internet radio and MP3 streaming.

26.  Songza – Listen to music curated by music experts.

27. Pandora – Listen to free music you’ll love.

28. Slacker – Free and personalized Internet radio.

29.  Earbits – Great free music with no ads.

30.  tubeify – Streaming music mashup based on, Billboard and YouTube.

31. – Track tracks and discover gems for free.

32. Shazam – Discover, share and explore more music. Get streaming lyrics.

33.  8tracks – Handcrafted internet radio.

34. Serendip – A personal playlist created in realtime by your social media friends.

35. exfm – See what’s trending. Discover new music. Share with friends.