Internet content keeps increasing every minute By the time you finish reading this, someone may have added a news item, written a post, or shared an image. The bigger problem is the immense amount of data you need to sort through each day to find exactly what you need. Sometimes you may not even find the right information you need because of the way you go about it and even the kind of keywords you use when you Google it.

Content curation tools

There are the daily emails to read,  content publication from most news sites, favorite blogs to read daily, Facebook posts and updates to check, tweets to scroll through, pins to check out and images to find on Instagram or 500px.  There is too much information to know in a single day and it doesn’t end. Content curation tools does most of the job for you for free.

These 25 content curation tools are a few of the best tools we have found useful. Most of these tools allow you to find new, quality, relevant content from other curators by topic.  You can also sort through volumes of news, posts or images and isolate them by topic, idea or curator. You can share your favorite content discovery tool in the comment box below.

1.  Trapit – Captures personalized content. Powered by advanced AI.

2. – Leverage curation to easily build gorgeous magazines.

3. – Become a publisher and start an online newspaper.

4.  Feedly – Minimalistic, personal, social news reader for creative minds.

5.  Flockler – Create your own magazine. Share your passion.

6.  Prismatic – Discover and share relevant news.

7.  Collected – Collect your interests.

8.  Storify – Building the story layer above social networks.

9. – Your must read news from Twitter and Facebook.

10. Flipboard – Your social magazine.

11. News360 – News personalization and aggregation.

12. Pulse – Transforms your news into a colorful mosaic.

13. Flud – Social news reader where everyone has a personality.

14.  Zite – A personalized magazine for iPad / iPhone.

15. Google Currents – Favorite publications tuned for your iPhone and Android.

16. BonzoBox – Organize and visit the websites you use the most.

17. Pocket– When you find something you want to view later, you can put it in Pocket.

18. BagTheWeb – Find, bag, share. Networked curation.

19. Pinterest : Organize and share the things you love.

20. Pearltrees: Collect, organise and share everything you like on the web.

21. Delicious: Discover, remember, and showcase your passions from around the web.

22. Bundlr: Create topic pages with photos, videos, tweets and documents.

23. Kippt : Build your online library of amazing things

24. Prismatic :  Create a newsfeed based on your interest.

25. NetVibes: Curate everything that matters to you in a dashboard.