small business marketingBusinesses today have a wide variety of options when it comes to marketing and advertising. At the base of all of those options is branding. For any business, cost is always a concern. While most start-ups, small businesses and even larger firms are cutting back, there are still some effective ways to get the company name established without spending a small fortune.

1. Outstanding Customer Service

This is the number one thing when it comes to branding for a company. One of the main reasons is that one bad word can sprout a whole tree full of bad press, while a kind word does just the opposite. Start by developing a system for feedback through a Facebook and Twitter page. Regularly monitor customer comments and reply to all inquiries expediently. When a customer makes a positive comment, thank them on the network and if possible, individually.

Another great method to ensure that the best customer service is provided at all times is to take each complaint as an opportunity to turn it around into something positive. After all, it isn’t the unfortunate experience that defines a company, but how the company reacts to it.

Jumping through a few hoops lets a firm get its exercise while demonstrating how special customers are to them. It also impresses people and allows them to develop a brand affinity with your products and services.

2. Visual advertising

Visual advertising is a very powerful medium. The methods available, however, such as cable and television ads are extremely expensive and are usually cost prohibitive. Banner advertising is one method that any company, regardless of size or budget, can afford. The high impact imagery of even something as simple as a large font can draw a great deal of attention. The same holds true for vibrant colors and thoughtful designs.

When it comes to advertising, people remember the images they see. This is why potential and existing customers are more apt to become interested in a brand when they regularly see material that reminds them of the company and their services.

With banners, companies can announce new stores, specials and contests. They can also get recognized at local community and large scale events. The number and types of banners available are limitless. Best of all, they cost very little to produce, nothing to maintain and are reusable.

3. Inform, Educate and Collaborate

Using social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are key in today’s business marketplace. In the process, think about ways to inspire interaction. Find out where the target market is and provide something of value, by way of information or discounts, to motivate a favorable response.

Joining social networks where the target audience exists is very effective for marketing. Collaborate with influential people to make your firm stand out. Be selective about whom you partner with to retain integrity while getting more exposure.

Above all, providing content that is useful and engaging is one of the best ways to draw customers in organically. Using banners is another method to attract customers without actually selling. In this way, people are able to become familiar with a brand with repeat and consistent exposure. When customers are able to see and hear the branding message as often as possible, it is the most effective way to promote and expand any business or other activity that wants to attract attention.

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