“Can you email my friend Amanda and tell her that we can go on that tour any Saturday at 3pm, and ask her what Saturday works best for her? Then book the tour for the two of us and add it to my calendar.”  This is just one of the many tasks most people would rather get done by a personal assistant.

Fancy Hands

The good news for you is that FancyHands lets you delegate tasks or your to-do list  to a smart and savvy band of personal virtual assistants.  Requests are usually completed on the same business day. Tasks may take a couple minutes or an hour depending on details.  Detailed reports are written up for each task, stating the amount of time spent and specific actions taken to get the task done.

The startup’s goal is to make life easier for the masses who needs things done for them whilst they concentrate on their core business. They company hand-pick personal assistants all over the US to ensure they’ve got smart and savvy assistants with all the patience and commitment you require from an assistant.

How Fancy Hands works

-You can dictate your task into the app, submit, and an assistant will get started right away!
-You can type your task into the app and add attachments to better explain your request!
-You can hook the service up to Google Calendar to allow Fancy Hands to schedule your appointments!

Some popular requests include:

-find a good restaurant near me and make a reservation
-schedule an appointment for me and add to my calendar
-find this item that I want to buy in stock near me
-research this question that I have about something

Fancy Hands now integrates with task-management and project-management tools: Basecamp, do.com, Asana and Evernote. This means you can automate your task-management service so Fancy Hands does the tasks for you.

Fancy Hands offers monthly rates as well as yearly packages. $25/month for 5 requests, $45/month for 15 requests, & $65/month for 25 requests.