Developing a cohesive marketing campaign for your business website can help your company succeed. Through an integrated marketing solution, your company will be able to increase traffic to your website, build your customer list through social media sites, update your products and services list, keep content fresh and convert your customer following into sales.

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Social Media

Social media outlets are popular ways to reach your targeted audience. Not only is this a great way to increase your website’s traffic and search engine optimization, you’ll also be able to build a solid reputation with your customer comments and feedback. This can, in turn, increase a company’s revenue and raise the customer database.

Every businesses dream is to manufacture a well made product or provide a reliable service. Providing plugins to your website that link to the various social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest can gain your company many followers. The creative professionals at 522 Digital, a marketing firm near DC, also offers social media management to help with your businesses online presence.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has noticed a substantial increase throughout the years, and companies that focus on a proper plan can enjoy a significant increase in their revenues. Communicating the objectives and outcomes of your business plan are important, such as goals to increase viewership by 40 percent by the end of the year. Research helps you compile data on the current market and how it will affect your business. This is typically done using online studies, the chamber of commerce, libraries and census reports. The final part of your marketing plan includes implementing a marketing strategy that will provide you with statistics on producing a high return on your online business investment.

Company Identity

A business website should find your customer base, attract them and finally, convert them into using your product or services. There is an average of over 3 billion Internet users in the world today who spend close to five hours doing online searches. The online media has opened a world of opportunities for business owners to reach their primary market and in order to do so, you need to analyze your website and execute a proper plan to bring in customers to generate sales.

Website Development

A professional, functional and well thought out website design of your business is going to generate a flood of customers, especially if the content and offerings are good. In addition to a site that looks attractive, you want to present content that is useful and eye catching to the user. Not only will this keep them coming back for more, but it will have users pinning the articles to other social media outlets and this will expose your website to new customers. Another way to increase your customer base is to open your website blog to guest posts. Once you post an article to your site, the writer usually shares their article through social media, thus bringing new traffic to your site and business.

If you provide services for a landscaping business, you can continually update your sites with lawn maintenance tips and the benefits of using your company. As your business adds on services, such as snow plowing and other outdoor maintenance offerings, you can update your website to showcase the new additions. Linking the posts to social media sites, such as Facebook, alerts your followers to the changes. Pictures and images are another way to attract attention to your site, especially if they include funny or poignant photos.

The movement beyond traditional marketing tools has spread like wildfire and businesses are trying to keep up with today’s technological changes to reach their customers. This new era blends communication, website design, marketing strategies, identity and social media all into one as a way to successfully get your businesses message across to your viewers.

Being a freelance writer, Nadine Swayne knows that ‘content is king’ and offers this information to all business owners. At 522digital, a marketing firm near DC, they search for new solutions to help clients improve their online landscape. The creative professionals will devise a plan that will enable your company to expand its social and branding presence throughout the digital age.

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