If you have been thinking of how to turn all your scattered online photos into a video slideshow with a background music that you can easily share online with friends and family, Slide.ly makes the process easy. Slide.ly allows you to create free online video slideshows using your favorite photos and music.

How Side.ly works

Once you sign up on Slide.ly with either your Facebook account or an individual account,  you have the option to choose from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Pickplz, and Picasa, and your  Google Images, photos from your friends or even from your computer.

After you’ve selected all of your favorite photos, you can drag the photos around to put them in the order that you want.  You can then match it with a suitable song.

You can search YouTube  or SoundCloud for the right music, which are all available from within Slide.ly. You can also upload your own mp3 if you don’t like the selection you have to choose from.

Once the video slideshow is complete, you can easily share the video slideshow on your social accounts or embed the it on your site.


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