There are currently lots of social media platforms that your business can leverage to acquire customer and interact with users of your product. In as much as you want to be everywhere, it’s  really important to stay focused and concentrate on targeted social sites that will enhance your social media marketing efforts. Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and recently the popular Pinterest have all proven useful for most startups.

1. Invest in the right social platform

According to a social media marketing report sponsored by SocialMediaExaminer and published in 2011, 78% of business marketers recorded 78% increase in traffic with just six hours a week invested in social media. You are missing out, if your business has still not invested in social media tools. You can increase your customers and traffic significantly if you invest in the right platforms and social tools.

2. Focus on getting results

It’s imperative to start focusing on only the right social tools now. You don’t have to be everywhere to be successful, concentrate on what works and get your social media strategist to work. Take time to evaluate your present situation, what is working and what is not working, separate the effective social strategies from the those that are simply wasting resources. Focus on what you want to achieve and create a plan to achieve your social media goals.

3. Get to know your target audience

Don’t just start pushing information right away on your social platforms. You must first identify your target market, find out what gets them sharing,  the problems they currently face, where they find information to educate themselves and how you can better serve them. In your social media marketing strategy, outline the different target audience and how to reach them.

4. It pays to listen

Once you have identified how to better serve social news from your social accounts, pay attention to what your followers are saying or how they interact with your content. You can better build confidence and win your followers trust when they know you are focused on solving their needs and challenges. When you consistently deliver rich and quality information to educate your followers, they will keep coming for more and will recommend your social accounts to their friends who could end up signing on to your product.

5. Lead the market, serve the followers

You should focus on becoming the single most important source of niche information for your audience. You can only be a crucial player in your industry if you pay attention to what your audience want and expect. The more you listen, the better you can serve the right information. Don’t just focus on promoting your business or your free resources, share most useful information from other sources that will be beneficial to your followers.

6. Learn from the top industry social influencers

You can make a list of the best influencers in your industry and follow their blogs and reports. Begin making connections by following their conversation. Experts provide great content you can easily share with your audience. Content will be very important when you begin to share with your audience. Share the best and learn from the best.

7. Don’t forget to measure social media growth

Measure your performance and know when to change or create a new strategy again.  Measuring social media ROI still continues to prove to be a challenge for most marketers, you can start with these tools. You can start with free social tools if you don’t have a working budget.

# Engagio tracks comments and discussions from over 10 platforms

# tracks and measures most of your Twitter activities and interactions.

# Cloze measures your activities on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email etc.

# Hootsuite for managing multiple social accounts.

# Twitalyzer measure your impact, engagement, and influence on Twitter.

# SocialPointer  allows you to track and monitor social mentions and respond in real-time.


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