DEMO Africa, an  initiative of LIONS@frica that aims to connect African startups to the global ecosystem has opened applications for the second DEMO Africa start-up launch conference. DEMO Africa 2013 will be held on 24-25 October 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The  Liberalizing Innovation Opportunity Nations (LIONS@FRICA) was launched by the US  Department of State, in collaboration with Microsoft, DEMO, USAID, and Startup Weekend.

DEMO Africa hosts some of the most innovative companies from African countries. The event will launch 40 of the most innovative start-ups in Africa and highlight some of the best new technology innovations from across the continent.


To be eligible to launch on the DEMO Africa stage your product must:

  1. Solve a commercial problem;
  2. Make an impact or change the marketplace into which it is introduced or create a new market;
  3. Have a business plan and a management team capable of delivering the product to market;
  4. Make its public debut at the DEMO conference.

Products that are not eligible include:

  1. Products currently in public distribution, either as a launched product or as a highly publicized beta test;
  2. Upgrades to an existing product;
  3. Products entering an already saturated market category with little market differentiation;
  4. Products that have been widely covered by technology and business media.

Demo offers scholarship opportunities, turnkey services and exposure to the entire tech ecosystem of VCs, investors, Information technology buyers and the press. DEMO Africa scholarships are available for bootstrapped, angel-funded and student run companies.

DEMO Africa will provide scholarships for young startups to deliver Alpha Pitches on stage. Typically these are pre-revenue.

Apply for free  to launch your product to a wider audience and present before potential investors.

These 40 startups made to the top 40 at the DEMO 2012.


  1. I am a business development service provider to Small & Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (MEDAN) to carryout MSMEs business capacity building/business advisory/counseling on the existing and start-up entrepreneurs. This enterprise development is directed at youth and women who are either existing and start-up entrepreneurs. My area of first assignment is in the north east of the northern region of Nigeria, because of the passion l have for the MSMEs in this region l have to translate my EDP training manuals into local language ( Hausa Language). l also develop business plan for the trainees to access funding. l believe we can establish a synergy to take the MSMEs in the northern region in Nigeria to the next level as this could be one of the solution to the insurgence. Because what they need is social economic empowerment for establishment of sustainable business enterprises that could keep them busy.

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