How do you stay on top of the new and awesome tips, apps and great tricks for your iPhone everyday. Most users download a few great and hottest iPhone apps they can use on daily basis.

Normally if you read about a new and great app, you could download it and try it out, if you like it you keep it, if it sucks you quickly uninstall it.There are also a couple of tricks and tips that makes your iPhone better everyday. You probably read about these iPhone tricks and tips on popular technology blogs

Drippler wants to change that. It’s that time again to try a new app, and if you are not convinced you can immediately uninstall it.

Drippler iPhone app provides you with tailor-made aggregated content about your iPhone, such as tips and tricks, apps updates, app recommendations and more to make your iPhone awesome again. Drippler shows you latest updates and popular updates and you can view weekly and monthly popular updates for your iPhone.

Drippler has already attracted  5 million downloads on Android and now you get to install it on your iPhone too.

The app gives you one update a day (it calls updates “Drips”), and these updates are mostly things like apps or accessory, recommendations, news stories and how-to articles. Presented in a magazine-style format, the information is easy to digest, and catered to your iPhone. Drippler’s Android app has a 4.7 out of 5 rating from almost 30,000 reviews.