Most businesses invest lots of resources into creating an online presence that make little or no impact. Your business needs to know exactly what your prospective customers expect and want to be able to successfully attract and retain customers.

There are now lots of product options for internet users and your business needs to make the sales message clear, simple and concise. Your visitors need to know exactly what you sell the minute they get to your site. If you intend to do a good at turning visitors into paying customers, these strategies will be useful.

Make it insanely easy to subscribe, opt in or buy

People move from one site to another very fast.  When people stumble upon your site, they are always looking for a solution to a problem, make your solution obvious and clear. Your website is one of the most important ways of communicating with people who may be interested in your product or service. Turn your leads into customers with an insanely great way for visitors to subscribe.

If you expect your visitors to subscribe, make it obvious. Give them a reason to. How do you intend to help when they subscribe. If you have a free resource to give away, give it out freely. Hubspot gives away lots of ebooks to get targeted visitors to subscribe to their list, and users find them useful.Your subscription boxes should be obvious. If you are selling product, get rid of the noise and make make it easy to buy. Provide useful information that will increase the likelihood of purchase.

Provide a compelling call to action

Your call to action buttons should be compelling and noticeable. Think of the many call to actions users or internet users see every day. Narrow down to the hundreds they see on similar websites like yours. What will make them click on yours and not the next one they will see.  Call to action buttons are the  signposts on your website: they direct targeted traffic to where you need it to go. You have to get the direction right, otherwise visitors will leave your site quicker than they came.

Keep registration short and simple

Keeping your registration simple and short cannot be overemphasized. When a visitor finally decides to subscribe to your product, buy from you or register to use your product, the sign up process must not be a distraction. Most visitors hardly sign up to use online products, you should do a good job with your registration form. If it’s too long, it’s boring and you will loose business. Nobody wants to waste time filling a long forms.  Most people will likely trade a name and an email to access a product.  You can just take those two and when a visitor finally signs up, you can then reveal other details they may have to trade to access your full product. You could even use third party logins like Twitter or Facebook.

It’s so important to measure your sites’ conversions

You should know how your visitors interact and use your website. Don’t waste money designing and building sites without measuring how prospective users use your site. Visitors end up at most online sites from a different site  and if you are doing your SEO right, mostly from Google. You should track how they move on your site, which pages they click and which call to actions they click, that way you can know what works and what is simply ineffective.  You can use Google Analytcis, Kissmetrics or Crazyegg for measurement.

Overall, the best strategy is to create a simple product with a clear message.