social news apps

Daily news consumption has been disrupted as we know. Millions of people relied on news sites for daily as they happen. News publication sites are now developing apps to get loyal readers who would consumer breaking news  or topic based information from them as they used to, but the trend has changed.

There are now top social news apps out there that can filter news according to your needs and expectations. And most internet users now prefer reading news headlines in a more pleasant magazine-style apps. Popular magazine style social news apps like Flipboard are recording downloads in millions and page views are on the roof. The growing use of mobile devices are now making it easier to consume news as they happen. Information can reach consumers quicker and faster on social news apps. And most importantly these social news apps learn your preferences and selects and presents news you actually need to know. The following are 25 of the best social news apps out there you can actually use.

1.  Flud- allows users to create their own news personalities to attract followers.

2.  Circa- Circa relies on a  team of editors who break down notable news topics slides of information.

3.  Google Currents- combines great design with lots of publishers for personalization.

4.  SkyGridhas a slick interface that gives users the ability to follow hot particular topics and categories

5.  New Yahoo  App-  has integrated the summly news app making it easy to consume news.

6.  AP Mobile  -Comprehensive and content-rich mobile app for local and global news.

7.  NewsBlur-is a personal news reader bringing people together to talk.

8.  Editions by AOL  delivers a magazine that’s personalized just for you, each and every day.

9.  FlipboardFlipboard creates a personalized magazine based on your selected social graph.

10.  Smartr – See what your friends are reading on Twitter and Facebook.

11.  NewsWhip– app works by following stories that are trending on social media and media outlets.

12. Pocket-  allows you to save content served by other social news  apps.

13. Prismatic- suitable for readers who tend to use Twitter as a primary source of news.

14.  Pulp – lets you turn your favourite news sites into your own personalized newspaper.

15. Zite- Discover more news based on your likes.

16. Trove is a personalized news and information engine for your iPad.

17. Umano- Umano consists of a collection of voice actors who read aloud a selection of articles.

18. Vodio  surfaces video news content in an easily digestible format.

19.  News360integrates  specific news sources via integration with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

20. Readability–  turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later.

21.  News.MeYour top stories from Facebook and Twitter delivered to your inbox.

22. Trapit learns what matters to you and delivers amazing discoveries on the subjects you care about.

23.  My6sense Get Personalized social and news content with the free my6sense Android app.

24.  Taptu– Taptu is a social news reader that puts all of the stuff you’re into in one app.

25.  NextDraft– delivers curated digests of the news that’s fit to read in an unobtrusive style via a 10-slide format.