Flipboard, the popular mobile social news magazine available for iPhone and Android is now available on the web. The company announced today the launch of the web-based magazine editor designed for web curators and publishers. The company has been making significant changes the it’s mobile apps in recent times. In March this year, Flipboard unveiled  Flipboard 2.0 with full content for users, including a new partnership with Etsy.

Flipboard 2.0 features

1. A new, visual Content Guide. Tap the Red Ribbon and you’ll see your own table of contents, all the magazines you’ve created, Notifications and lots of other goodies for you to peruse.

2. Commenting on Flipboard. Inside a story, tap the source’s avatar in the lower left-hand corner, to reveal Flipboard Comments. Draw in other Flipboard users with @mentions.

3. Recommended Reading. In Cover Stories, you’ll find More to Read, a personalized list of things we think you’ll love, drawn from your social interactions.

4. Subsections in partner magazines, newspapers and websites. On the second page of tablet editions, you’ll find new sidebars listing subsections for easier navigation.

5. Fast section switching. Tap the section name at the top of any page to reveal related content and subsections.

6. Optional Facebook Open Graph integration, bringing your Flipboard activity to your Facebook page in more meaningful ways.

Today, the company has added  personalized magazine option arrives for Android phones and tablets,  together with the  launch of a new web-based magazine editor.

The journey to the web is a slow step and  Flipboard is cautiously making magazine personalization available for web users. Flipboard head of product Eugene Wei explains:

…the web has mainly served as a companion to Flipboard’s mobile and tablet applications to date. “But,” he adds, “we think the web is super important, and we plan to do more on the web over time…I think a lot of our partners want things like embeddable buttons or badges to help drive more viewership to their magazines.

The new Flipboard web-based magazine editor features

On the newly launched site, editor.flipboard.com, users can create, edit and share their magazines like they do on mobile. Web-only options include  re-ordering the stories, photos and videos within  magazines, deleting content and even changing the order of the magazines under account.

To manage your own Flipboard magazines from the web, you can sign in to the Editor interface now .