Most companies spend lots of money to recruit the very top talent they can find but every year brilliant and smart hires leave good and great companies alike. There are countless reasons why employees leave one company for another. Excuses like i want to follow my spouse across the country or my family is moving to another city, i want to stay home with children or i want to go back to school are difficult for employees to address.

But most reasons are in total control of employers. Challenges employees face including company culture, little or no opportunity for growth, attitude of co-workers, salary freezes, no job satisfaction among others contribute to the departure of top talent in most business.

To combat this trend, a company often has two choices: engage your employees – develop, recognize, respect and listen to their views and opinions- or face high level of resignation of old employees and constant training of new ones.

The infographic below outlines five reasons why top talent leave their current jobs for new opportunities.



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