We live in a multitasking, multimedia world, with more than one thing happening at a time. Many of us often have the TV going while interacting with friends on Facebook or some other social media platform. If you multitask this way, your life is about to get much easier. With an HDMI adaptor, prepare to multitask even faster and more efficiently as you have fun doing it.

What is HDMI?

Not just more confusing technical jargon, HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. This describes the digital audiovisual technology that conveys high definition image and audio signals through a single cord.

The technology was officially released in 2003 and has recently enjoyed widespread usage as people realize its clear and crisp potential. Images appear sharp and smooth. Sound is distinct and taut, with limited distortion. HDMI brings the picture on the screen to life and creates a feeling of being part of the image.

How is it Used?

Without HDMI, you might attach your gaming devices to your TV with analog video cables. This type of connection offers three choices: component, composite and S-Video. All three selections convert digital pictures to analog and then back to digital again. For example, component technology utilizes red, blue and green connectors to transmit the digital picture and sound signals from your DVD via the three colored analog cables that connect to the TV, where the picture and sound are then converted back to digital. You may often experience a significant loss of quality with this analog technique.

HDMI replaces inferior and clumsy analog video cables. You can enjoy visually stunning picture quality with a single HDMI Slimport connector that delivers high quality digital images. Just be sure to plug it in with care – because it’s similar to USB connectors and doesn’t screw in like many analog connectors, it can come out if bumped or jostled during the excitement of a rousing game of Halo or a touchdown by your favorite team.

With HDMI, enjoy viewing movies and other images on fixed-pixel displays. It’s the perfect technology for LCD, plasma and DLP screens because it matches the images, pixel by pixel. That means it reads the receiving device and automatically converts the picture into 4:3 or 16:9 format. You simply plug the cable into both devices and let it do all the work for you.

You can also control the connected devices with a single remote. Press one button, and watch a DVD. Say goodbye to the days of pressing multiple buttons before the movie starts, and say hello to simple, one-touch operation of your devices.

My favorite way to use HDMI technology is via my smartphone. I simply plug the smartphone HDMI adaptor into my phone and TV, and then watch funny cat videos, catch up on my favorite television shows or view pictures from our recent family vacation. The picture is clear, the sound quality is crisp and the entire process takes two seconds.

You’ll appreciate the versatility of the technology. You can download a movie to your phone and watch it on the big screen and on your phone or catch up on email or play Angry Birds on your phone while your friends watch the movie on the TV.

Gaming is also so much easier on the eyes. Instead of straining to strategize your next move on the tiny smartphone screen, just plug it into the TV and play on the big screen. You’ll love seeing the game in full screen mode. HDMI simplifies the process and can make the experience much more enjoyable.

What Equipment Do You Need?

slimport-hdmi​Most modern electronic devices support HDMI technology. You’ll see the appropriate ports for the connector on your DVD player, TV, tablet and smartphone.

In addition to electronics that support the technology, you’ll need an adaptor. Slimport makes connectors and adapters that are reliable, technologically sound and affordable. As an extra bonus, their adapters will recharge your mobile device, while simultaneously viewing on your TV.

Is Your Device HDMI Equipped?

Most smartphones and tablets include an HDMI port. Pick up your device, and look for the micro-USB connector that’s compatible with a Mobility DisplayPort. It is similar in appearance to a the device’s USB port.

If your current mobile device doesn’t support HDMI, you might want to check out one of  these, which do:

  • Asus PadFone Infinity
  • Fujitsu Stylistic QH582
  • Google LG Nexus 4
  • Google LG Optimus G Pro

With one of those devices, you can start enjoying high quality video and audio right on your big screen TV or monitor today.

When I’m ready to sit down and relax with a movie or game on the big screen, I want to be able to see the picture clearly and hear the sound with clarity. Slimport HDMI technology, along with my Smartphone HDMI adaptor and my TV or computer monitor, make my wishes come true. I can be sure it will make me feel like I’m part of the action.

Now all I need to do is decide which movie I want to watch first.

Analogix creates Slimport branded products designed for maximum compatibility with DisplayPort Standards. Slimport products can connect any display type from HDMI adapters to VGA and DisplayPort adapters. 

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