Every new day comes with breaking news, information, resources, tips for every industry.  A lot of mobile users are still looking for   new ways to consume mobile news quicker and faster. There are lots of mobile apps for consuming social news on the go.

The likes of Flipboard, Google Currents and Pulse are recording massive growth in mobile news delivery but Circa wants change the way news is delivered and consumed on mobile devices.  Circa iOS app allows you to jump in and out of a larger news story without feeling completely overwhelmed.

Circa breaks down stories that fit on a mobile phone screen, with one to three sentences on each point, often with an image or a map. You can follow stories you like and get updates. The app delivers tidbits of news stories, that you can drag around and click through, and even follow if it’s something you want to know more about in the future.

By summarizing news stories down to a series of concise sentences, quotes and images, Circa makes  the reading experience feels lighter, faster and more accessible.Circa allows you to follow an ongoing story. It updates you as individual bits of information come in, rather than making you read an entirely new story each and every time.

Circa isn’t trying to make the existing content better looking on the mobile devices but the company wants to fundamentally change the content itself. The new updated Circa ,version 1.3 makes it easier to follow multiple stories from across the Web and access them from the main homescreen.

Circa’s staff curates what it believes is the most relevant news. The editors take stories that in original form and write them up as single-screen briefs or transform them into simple charts.