With cell phone industry leaders such as Apple continually producing new models seemingly every few months, more people find themselves faced with the dilemma of what to do with their old cell phones. Some phones will find themselves placed in the cell phone cemetery known as the junk drawer. Others will face a more unfortunate fate of simply being thrown out in the trash. Few will find new families as their current owners are not aware of how to find a new home for them.

But these days, you should consider a fourth option. There’s a growing number of companies that will buy your old and unwanted electronic devices and then resell these products to both foreign and domestic retailers.

The goal of companies like that is to simplify the process you will go through to Sell Electronic Online. This process makes upgrading to a new phone more economical – and yet it is reported that approximately a mere 3 percent of current cell phone users will use this type of website.

Gazelle.com was launched in 2008. Since then, several off-shoot sites have sprung from the re-commerce industry. Flipswap.com, SimplySellular.com, and Sellyourcell.com provide a similar service to consumers looking to free themselves from the guilt associated with an early upgrade.

How to Sell Online

Some sites make it extremely easy for you to begin the re-sale process. All that is required of you is that you enter a few details and general information about the phone you are hoping to sell and you will be provided with a quote within a matter of seconds. Another method is to go to more cell phone-specific resale companies.

With these sites, you simply provide the company with all the relevant information about your phone, and the company will then provide you with several prospective offers. From that point forward you will deal directly with your potential would-be buyer. Typically you will also be provided with a prepaid shipping kit you can use to send your old friend to its new home.  Often within just a few days, the potential buyer will decide if they want your old phone. If it passes the buyers inspection, you receive a nice cheque in the mail or a PayPal payment.

Damaged Does Not Mean Denied

Old phones with buttons gone astray or the feared crack in the screen that many people are apprehensive about trying to sell, can still can bring in a respectable price. There is a growing and strong marketplace for the second-hand phones, both at home and abroad. Refurbished phones are just as good as new.

The simple challenge faced by your old phone is your apathy to be proactive act. The main marketing message of re-commerce companies is to make consumers question what they are doing with their old phones. These sites continue to attempt to hammer home the benefits and simplicity of selling your old phone online.